Program & Pre-Conference Workshops

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Please note: The program is current as of 22 July 2021 and is subjected to change.

Pre-Conference Workshops

The AusPATH Education Committee is pleased to offer 4 pre-conference workshops. These workshops will run concurrently on Thursday 19 May 2022 from 9.00am to 4.45pm and may only pick one workshop stream for the day.

Workshop 1: Foundations: A Primer in Gender Affirming Care for Practitioners New to the Field
This workshop is designed for practitioners who have recently started working in the field of trans and gender diverse health who have limited clinical experience. It is suitable for doctors, nurses, allied health practitioners, and health service managers. This workshop aims to deliver a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to gender affirming care. It will include presentations from community members and experienced clinicians about inclusive care, models of care, prescribing hormones and mental health considerations.

Workshop 2: Medical/Surgical: “Current and Future Trends in Medical and Surgical Care for TGD People
This workshop is designed to enhance the knowledge of participants with clinical experience working in the field, focusing on advanced and complex issues facing prescribers, surgeons and experienced nurses.

Workshop 3: Mental Health
This workshop is suitable for clinicians with experience working with trans and gender diverse clients in the mental health space, including psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors. The presentations aim to enhance participants’ knowledge of more complex aspects of providing mental health care to the community.

Workshop 4: Speech Pathology
This workshop is suitable for speech pathologists who have experience working with trans and gender diverse people.


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